The secret of success

Apprentices in this unit group service and repair various machinery, engines and related equipment(except automobile, aircraft engines and electricapparatus). Uses spares and fabricates engine parts, fits the parts to machines and equipment.

Fitter Trade Levels

Fitter Level I

·     Perform bench work e.g. filing, sawing, chiseling etc.

·        Make permanent and temporary metal joints

·        Read precision and non-precision instruments

·        Carry out shaping

·        Carry out dressing of grinding wheels

·        Sharpening of cutting tools (e.g. lathe tools)

·        Carry out soldering

·        Check, adjust and lubricate machines and related equipment

·        Carry out simple heat treatment

·        Carry out simple sheet metal work

·        Interpret drawing



Carry out basic cutting operations in various Machines e.g. lathe, shaper etc.

·        Conducts physical tests of various machines

·        Carry out supplementary tooling necessary toensure accurate fits

·        Examine drawings and other specifications

·        Carry out simple basic gas and arc welding

·        Carry out basic preventive maintenance Fitter (Machinery) Trade

·        Carry out sheet metal works

·        Service machines and other related equipment

·        Replace worn and defective parts


·        Plan and carry out both preventive and correctivemaintenance

·        Write technical reports on machines and equipment

·        Carry out inspections and calibration of measuringinstruments and tools

·        Service of hydraulic and pneumatic systems

·        Carry out basic TIC/MIG welding

·        Carry out marking, pressing and rolling cylinders

·        Carry out balancing and alignment of shafts, fly-wheels and impellers etc.

·        Install machines

·        Align gears and pulleys in machines

·        Supervise others in repairing procedures