The science of cabinet-making

Joiner / Cabinetmaker makes, decorates and repairs wooden furniture, wooden fittings,doors, windows and patterns.

Tasks include:

·        Examination plans, sketches, drawings and specifications to determine job requirements;

·        Selecting and measuring appropriate kind of wood, cutting and shaping the material with hand-tools or woodworking machines to form suitable units for assembling;

·        Joining the units to products by using glue,screws, nails and other means decorating furniture and fixtures by inlaying wood,applying veneer and carving designs;

·        Finishing surfaces of fabricated wooden articles or furniture;

·        Maintaining the woodworking machine sand hand-tools, adjusting accessories and sharpening the cutting blades;

·        Designing and manufacturing tables, chairs;stools, drawers, trays, beds and other furniture for house interiors;

·        Performing decorative works in houses and premises, setting up shelves and equipping build-in compartments and wardrobes;

·        Planning, designing and manufacturing doors, windows and other products like complete sets of kitchen interiors as a whole.