The art of fluid motion

The trade of Plumbing and Pipe Fitting includes:

·        Work in all types of sheet metal and substitute materials

·        Pipe fitting, soldering and tinning

·        Work with piping including all tubing used for conveyance of liquid or gas, including cutting and threading etc.

·        Water supply and distributions, working on different materials that control and regulates water flow

·        Installation of pipes and other apparatuses for bringing in water and removing of waste water and water carrying waste from the premises

·        Work with oxy-acetylene and arc-welding equipment for welding purposes

·        Working on all types of sheet and substitute materials as to develop and install gutters, down pipes and other provisions for safe disposal of storm water

·        Laying of drainage

·        The fitting of meters, brazing, joining and laying of lead piping and bossing up of sheet lead ventilation’s

·        Carrying out the installation, repairs and maintenance of Plumbing equipment and accessories such as pumps, valves, geysers, pipelines, taps etc.