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Instructions for the completion of the form
  1. Complete the form in BLOCK LETTERS with black ink.
  2. A non-refundable application fee of N$250.00 must accompany the application form.
  3. Apply online at for free!
  4. Payment can be made to:

    Bank: Nedbank Namibia

    Account Name: Namibia National Training Organization

    Branch: Business Banking

    Account Type: Current Account

    Account Number: 11000034225

    Branch code: 461617

  5. Please enclose the original deposit slip with the application, it is important that you keep a copy of the deposit slip for your records.
  6. Please do not send cash if posting
  7. No fax or emailed applications will be considered.
  8. The closing date for applications is before 29 October 2021
  9. Late applications will be accepted until 05 November 2021. A late application fee of N$350.00 is payable.
  10. This application must be accompanied by certified copies of birth certificate/identity document and relevant academic certificates / latest school results.
  11. A non- refundable Registration fee of N$ 3000.00 is required once you are accepted.
  12. Incomplete application forms will NOT be considered.
  13. Applicants with Non-Namibian Qualifications obtained outside Namibia, must have these qualifications evaluated by the Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA).
Trade of which you wish to enroll:
Minimum Admission Requirements
  • NSSCO qualification (revised curriculum);
  • Twenty (20) Points in six (6) subjects;
  • At least an F grade in English, Mathematics or Physical Science;
For candidates who had pre-vocational subjects
  • NSSCO Qualification (revised curriculum);
  • Eighteen (18) points in six (6) subjects;
  • F grade in English, Mathematics and Science;
  • D grade in the respective Pre-vocational subjects.
Personal Info:
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Education Particulars

Secondary Education details: Please enclose certified copy of your NSSCO final results. Current NSSCO learners should attach their latest school results. It is of utmost importance that you provide us with your NSSCO examination details

Name of Institution FROM To Qualification obtained or Enrolled for
Parent/Guardian Contact details

(This information is required in the case of an emergency)

Physical Challenges

WVTC strives to create opportunities for people with disabilities. In many instances we have not yet eliminated all the barriers, it would therefore, be helpful for us to know in advance whether or not you have any special needs so that we can work together to achieve access to the study programme. Please supply us with the following information.

Indicate whether you are physically challenged? (if your answer is "yes" tick (x) the appropriate challenge you are experiencing.)
Visually Impaired: Wheelchair Bound:
Visually impaired: partially blind – find it difficult to read printed text. Need help in form of audio cassettes, enlarged print Muscular/skeletal/joint/limb deficiencies/diseases, such as polio or muscular dystrophy
Specially designated Ethnic Minorities
Are you a member of the following ethnic minorities? Please tick (X)

If your answer is "yes" attach hereto you full birth certificate and a sworn declaration by your Regional Councilor or Headman confirming your ethnic group of origin

Declaration and Undertaking by Applicant

I/we, the undersigned hereby declare:

To the best of my knowledge and belief the information furnished in this application is true and correct and that if it be found to be false and misleading in any respect, this application may be invalidated and the applicant’s registration terminated;

That I/we will accept liability for any damage to WVTC property caused by me and indemnify WVTC against any loss or damage howsoever caused in respect of property left at WVTC by the applicant. I/we also indemnify WVTC against any claim whatsoever for damages howsoever caused or arising which the applicant may sustain whilst registered as a student at WVTC, acknowledging the Applicant’s participation in any sporting or other activity at WVTC or conveyance of the applicant in any WVTC vehicle, shall be at the Applicant’s sole and absolute risk. This indemnity shall be binding on the Applicant’s Executors and Heirs;

That I/we acknowledge that a specified minimum deposit is required before or on the date of registration. The balance on the account is then payable monthly as per dates specified in the WVTC Fee Structure.

That a statement signed by the Head of Finance and Administration or his/her delegate shall represent the amount owing to WVTC by me/us, and further that in the event of such amount being handed over for collection, I/we shall pay all legal charges incurred on the attorney and client scale;

That I/we shall pay all interest on all overdue fees, and disbursements at a rate of 15% per annum compounded monthly and calculated from the first day of each month following the date by which final payment of all fees and disbursements must have been made;

That I/we shall abide by all regulations of WVTC – and further that the applicants shall, if accepted, be under the disciplinary control of WVTC as from the date on which he/she takes up residence at WVTC or the day on which he/she commences studies or attends an orientation week or registers as a student, whichever is earliest, until WVTC accepts a notice of withdrawal from me/us or the applicant fails to renew his/her registration on the due date;

That I/we accept that WVTC keeps documents, including this Declaration and Agreement, electronically and distributes them as such. WVTC shall at all times be entitled to utilize such documentation in electronic format for whatever purpose required and I/We agree that the electronically generated documents shall replace the originals signed by me;

That although WVTC does not take any responsibility for informing parents or guardian or major fee contributor of disciplinary action against a student (whether pending or finalized), academic performance or any other matters relating to the student, WVTC may in its discretion report to the parents or guardian or major fee contributor such breaches of the rules by the applicant as WVTC deems necessary and further to report on any matter concerning progress, conduct, well-being or health of the applicant, and further that WVTC may take all such steps as it considers reasonable in the event of the applicant becoming iII or requiring medical attention without WVTC undertaking any legal obligation to do so.

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