The secret of success

Apprentice in this trade repairs Electronic systems/equipment in Radio & TV Workshop or place of use.

In particular, the Apprentice:

Examines circuit diagrams of the equipment to be serviced or repaired, Diagnoses faults with the aid of testing equipment e.g. multi-meters or resistance testers, electronic analyzers etc., Checks, repairs and replaces faulty devices on high-and low tension sides of the electronic equipment e.g. transformers, contacts, electronic components, printed circuit boards, chips etc., Renews/reconnects faulty wiring and repairs/replaces faulty components as appropriate, Tests and adjust the receivers for proper function and receipt of signals, Installs central or particular serials for new equipment in hotel or domestic use, Commissions new radio/cassette, television and video sets including CD-players at users site and instructs the customer for safe and proper use of the equipment, Commissions and repairs loudspeaker and entertainment equipment for stages, public addressing systems and music equipment for schools, hospitals, restaurants, airports, sport stations etc.

The Electronic Mechanic may specialise himself in the Radio/TV Trade or undergo additional training and gain work experience in the field of communication, transmission techniques or enter into the wide range of service on electronic control and computer equipment used in the offices or at the manufacturing industry, an institute together with the workshops (industries) in the country. This approach should avoid a one-sided theory background of the training and furthermore decreases the cost of training. Both the government, institute and the private sector shoulder (Training costs.)

It is expected that the practical knowledge will mainly be gained in the industries and the institute will concentrate on the theoretical back-ground by using lectures, experiments and practical exercises. In order to prepare the trainees for their first period in the industries, the training in the first year will already incorporate practical trade training in their e.g. Radio & TV and training institutions.