The secret of success

A Welder/Fabricator welds metal parts together using a gas flame or an electric arc. He/she fabricates metal girders and plates for structures and frameworks. In particular he/she:

·        Reads and interprets drawings and specifications, marks metal members to guide cutting, drilling and welding.

·        Shapes structural steel in the workshop, at buildings, bridges, ships and other constructions.

·        Position parts and prepare the surfaces to be welded. Selects the correct torch nozzle and adjust the flame or selects the correct electrode and strikes an arc with correct amperage giving regard to the proper work method and material in use.

·        Welds using flames or electrodes to melt and fuse the work pieces with molten metal from the welding rod or electrodes moving the flame or arc along the joint with a steady hand providing smooth and good butt lap or fillet weld to the required standards.

·        Cleans and smoothes welded joints or parts, cuts steel plates, angle iron, tubes etc. using power shears, guillotine, flame cutters or other equipment.

·        Bends, shapes and joins fabricated parts to required specifications

·        Uses measuring instruments to locate positions for holes, lines and joints in accordance with a given drawing,. Assembles fabricated components by riveting, bolting or welding methods to form and make the required product. Cleans and treats the surfaces to an acceptable standard.

A Welder/Fabricator may specialize himself to work on construction of buildings, bridges, in ship building, boiler making or high pressure pipe welding work.