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The Windhoek Vocational Training Centre (WVTC), is located in Windhoek the capital city of Namibia. The WVTC is a flagship institution in the vocational education and training system. Its facilities, equipment, competent staff and social ambience give a potential trainee the necessary conditions for success in career development.
The centre is committed to vocational training, which will equip Namibia with an adequately skilled labour force that will in turn strengthen socio-economic development and self-employment. Since the inception of the centre there has been a steady growth in the number of course recipients as well as in the number of graduates entering the labour market.
As an autonomous training institution within the vocational education and training system, the purpose of the WVTC as defined by its charter is:

  • To offer employable skills to school leavers up to artisan level.
  • To participate in the implementation of the Vocational Training System through support of the Trade Testing System, the preparation of trade testing and training materials. 
  • To promote self-employment and certification of skills of the labour force through the provision of skills upgrading programmes. Skills upgrading programmes are aimed at facilitating the certification of skills for workers with experience, but uncertified skills. 
  • To promote relations between the training centre and employers through programmes of placing trainees in industries to gain experience. Through this co-operation, the Centre also gains insight into the expectations of employers, which will enable it to meet their needs. 
  • To co-operate with other training centres locally and internationally in order to exchange ideas on improving training standards and developing skills.

It remains the priority of the WVTC to foster a healthy relationship between all those who are interested in developing the country through vocational education and training.
Support of Small and Medium Enterprises development (SME’s) in Namibia is important for the centre. The centre shall co-operate with institutions involved in this field. The Windhoek Vocational Training Centre is geared to make its contribution in this regard. The opportunities provided by the centre are available to Namibian youth.
This home page will provide you with information on training courses available, facilities provided and entry requirements of training programmes at the WVTC as well as the rental of its facilities.



Target group
Workers from Industry,Unemployed Youth, School leavers and members of the general public interested in short, part time courses are invited to apply for basic and advanced skillsupgrading training. Courses are presented during weekdays from 17h30 to 20h30 or Saturdays for some courses .  Essential workplace skills are imparted which makes it very popular courses. Requirements:Basic Literacy and Numerical skills. Able to communicate in English.

Published: Aug 10, 2016 - 08:54 AM
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You are invited to report for an aptitude test during the weeks of December 1 to 16 December 2014. You have been selected for aptitude testing in the trade indicated above your name, on the day earmarked for your testing.

Published: Nov 07, 2014 - 08:22 AM
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WVTC News: Invitation: Electronics Communication Course

The WVTC invites interested prospective participants for the following skills upgrading courses,presented weekly from 17h00 to 20h00.  Successful participants will be provided with a WVTC skills upgrading certificate.

Published: Aug 09, 2011 - 09:24 AM
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WVTC News: Snippets of news from WVTC

Except for the regular training programmes at WVTC,  the very important job attachment programme, the many activities relating to the running of the centre and the many visitors to our shores, some snippets of news regarding our centre will reveal that there is life after all at WVTC.

Published: Nov 19, 2010 - 10:32 AM
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Contact Details

Windhoek Vocational Training Centre (WVTC)
BAG 13334
Telephone: 061 - 211 742
Telefax: 061 - 212 379
Email: info@wvtc.edu.na